How to program the M5stack fire RGB LEDs SK6812

  • Hi!

    I am kind of lost in programming the M5Stack-FIRE built in LEDs in Arduino IDE and would need some basic help.
    Specific questions:

    • Which library should be used?
    • Are there any working examples available?
    • Is there any specific documentation for that?

    Thanks - grelm

  • @grelm the fastled is normally recommended and there should be examples in arduino.
    have you installed al the m5stack libs?

  • Thanks a lot to @ajb2k3 !
    Your feedback with fastled and the libs was very helpful and gave me the necessary hint on how to move forward.
    Finally I ended up playing around with Adafruit_NeoPixel - now I am able to use and control the M5Stack-FIRE-LED's as I want.
    The most important fact (which I didn't find out before) was, that the DATA_PIN for the LED'S is Pin 15.
    Just in case of future issues: where in the M5Stack-FIRE-documents can I find such detailed informations about the M5Stack hardware?

  • @grelm I would normally have said the adafruit libs but I keep reading that fastled is well, faster.
    If you look in the docs there should be some listings for the pin outs but normally RGB leds are connected to Grove Port A the red port.