M5StickC Yun

  • Just got the M5StickC Yun. Ran the example Arduino code (tweaked to change temperature to Fahrenheit). Looks like someone made the magnets strong enough to actually hold (I like strong magnets). This unit has the same issue that the ENV hat has. The temperature is about 5 deg too high. Presumably, it is picking up heat from the M5StickC. The relative humidity is off by about 5%. And the pressure is about 4000 Pascals too low. This unit should probably have had a motion sensor with it so that the LEDs are not unnecessarily on.

    I should be able to modify the Arduino example to connect to the national time website and display time too, right? Also, maybe if I push the button, it can connect to national weather service and get outside temperature for where I live. Is that hard to do? I did the time thing already on a separate esp32 chip.

    The other unexpected advantage of this is that I can use it to prove to my wife that the temperature is hot enough and I don't have to turn up the thermostat :).0_1574647310115_yun-crop-small.jpg

  • Hi @Happy-Hippo It is true that the bmp280 and dht12 do tend to have their readings thrown off a little by the M5StickC's internal temperature, which was a bit of an oversight on M5Stack's part. Perhaps adding a layer of insulating material between the stick and the yun might solve it.

    I cant see how the atmospheric pressure should be so adversely affected though. I'd imagine going with an mqtt platform such as thingspeak or iftt would be the best way to get the weather data to your stick C but I haven't personally tried it. Great idea to pacify your wife, let's see if it works :p