M5Stack BASIC - screen turns off when Serial.begin used

  • Hi
    I couldn't find solution for my problem anywhere here. I'm playing with CORE + SIM7600 to receive SMS and facing weird problem. Everything works, until I call Serial.begin(9600); in setup(). For example I can upload simple Hello World code and it works just fine. But when I add Serial declaration in code, text shows up for a half of second and screen turns off. I really limited this to minimum and still can't find out what's wrong. Thank you for your help.

    #include <M5Stack.h>

    void setup(){
    M5.Lcd.print("Hello World");

    void loop() {

  • Hello @DavidoZ

    why don't you try the provided example?

    Strictly Serial.begin() isn't needed in setup() as M5.begin() already takes care of that. And for the communication with the SIM7600 you'll need to open Serial2. See above example.