M5Paper M5EPD library not working

  • I have just got an M5Paper and started playing with its capabilities. I tried the examples in the M5EPD library but just get errors. It also takes an age to compile. The M5GFX library examples work fine, as does UIFlow blocky/micro-python. Has anyone else noticed issues with the M5EPD, none of the examples even compile?

  • Hello @mnwh

    hmm, I can compile let's say the M5EPD Hello World example just fine.

    Care to share the compiling error you're getting?


  • @mnwh

    If your error has something to do with the "ADC1_GPIO35_CHANNEL not defined" error I got, then you can "simply" insert this
    #include "soc/adc_channel.h"
    into the

    I wrote this in a new line (line 4)

    It's caused by a change from espressif 3.3 to 4.4.

    Have fun, undefined