Core2 is not a finished product

  • Sorry my first post in this community is a complaint. I do have a M5Paper since some times and have not a single problem to use M5Burn, UIFlow or the Arduino IDE with it. Last week, I bought a Core2 and so far I'm 1000% dissatisfied with it, for the following reasons:

    • M5Burner: it takes way too much efforts to succeed burning any image to the Core2 with M5Burner. In 99,9% of the cases trying to burn any image will just result in a timeout. The only way I could slightly increase the success rate is to hit the reset button once I start to burn an image. Sometimes it will take multiple reset button presses, sometimes just one, sometimes it will not even have any effect.
    • UIFlow image: once you succeed installing the UIFlow image to the Core2, the way it is implemented is just a shame. If for instance you mistakenly hit the wifi configuration button, there is no way you can cancel it and go back to the main menu. Also configuring your wifi SSID and network key from M5Burner before burning the UIFlow image has no effect, and you are anyway forced to do the manual wifi setup from the Core2 itself.
    • UIFlow usage: if by any chance you succeed in getting your Core2 properly configured with UIFlow image, and connected to the wifi and UIFlow can connect to it, once you have downloaded any program to the Core2 it is impossible to download any changes to the program afterwards. The startup menu is shown too briefly and remains unresponsive after rebooting, which results in the Core2 automatically running the last started program, restarts it automatically after any reboot and is totally unresponsive to any connection tentative from UIFlow.

    Again, I have no single issues using the M5Paper with M5Burner, UIFlow and Arduino IDE on the very same computer. So the Core2 is clearly the culprit here. Or the hardware is faulty (thanks guys for your quality control) or the software is plain buggy.

    I have decided to return this device to the seller and stay away from the Core2, at least until M5Stack makes it just work. Seen the number of posts here and there about people dealing with the same freezing and connection issues I guess I'm clearly not the only one.

  • Hello @littlbee

    sorry to hear about your troubles with the M5Core2. According to the schematic of M5Paper and M5Core2 the same USB chip and reset logic are used. In theory this should result in similar results using M5Burner. So yes, this could be an indicator for faulty hardware.


  • Most of the bigger units like the Core, Paper and Core2 use the D0WDQ6 esp and so should have a problem.
    The M5Burner issue is actually a driver issue with your computer and you are not alone. The problem is that Windows and OSX have built in drivers that are broken or corrupt other drivers.
    The Menu issue you have, Yes, I 100% agree with you, its a pain.

    I have a Core2 and Core2 AWS and the only time I have connection problems is when my router (SKYQ) plays up or the Great Firewall of China blocks the connection to the server.

  • @ajb2k3 But then how comes I have an issue with the Core 2 but none with the M5Paper ? I have installed the CP210X driver manually, ie not using any standard driver from Win10. If both devices use the DOWDQ6 they should end up behaving the same way, no?

    For the UIFlow menu on the Core2, at least after a reboot I can get to UIFlow in wifi mode. I takes several tries usually as it seems the touchscreen is not always immediately responsive. But at least I can reboot, put it back on UIFlow wifi mode and upload new versions of code.