unitV2 nanodet-plus support

  • Hi, i use unit2 to detect objects in the field (animals, clouds, etc) and i train my models with nanodet framework (converting to onnx and ncnn later).

    i cant use V-Training because i have a dataset with more than 8000 images with annotations in pascal VOC and the work to convert to V-Training is massive.

    Nanodet has upgrade to nanodet-plus and i want to train with it but unitv2 has 'old' nanodet (It need 6 outputs in the model and nanodet-plus only generates one), if i upload trained nanodet-plus model to m5stack doesnt work

    Do you consider to upgrade m5stack framework to support nanodet-plus?
    There's a method to upload nanodet-plus binary to m5stack with the actual firmware?


    Thank you