How does the download work?

  • I have just connected my m5stick to the internet.
    I have used the api key to connect the online programming software to the m5 stick
    I have created my program and tested that it's running using the play button on the ui flow
    I have clicked on the side menu and use the "DOWNLOAD" option to download the program to the m5 stick
    Now i have disconnected the stick from usb on my computer and i want to run the software from the m5stick to my led board
    it doesnt work

    i now want to reconnect my m5stick to the uiflow
    i press the side button twice to turn the m5stick off
    i press it once to turn it on
    now the board (not plugged into my computer using usb) is just turning on and off the screen saying UIFLOW

    when i try to connect or search for the m5stick in the wifi i cannot find the wifi. the screen still blinks on and off uiflow v1.0.0

    i dont know what to do.

    1. download should download the code to run without wifi - correct?

    2. why does the screen blink on and off uiflow?

    3. how can i reconnect it to the wifi so i can try to download the program again?

  • @360fashion
    Happy New Year, Guy! Does your m5stick work normally now?

  • hello, reboot stick, when uiflow ui appear, press button can change begin app: uiflow <---> user donlownd code

  • Hello, @heybin, which button (A,B,C)?

  • Does it do the same with the USB lead plugged it?
    It could be that the battery isn't charged enough.

    to reconnect, Plug the usb into a battery or laptop to power on and start charging the M5, When it beeps the main menu will briefly pop up, you hit to hit button C (right button) as soon as the screen appears this will send you to the wifi screen and you use c button to move do to the "reconnect to uiflow" option then hit the middle (B) button to connect.
    Go into UIFlow and hit the circle symbol next to (disconnected) to reconnect to the M5 (Sometime it will auto connect and say connected in green).