GRBL data transmission limit.

  • Hi!

    I'm trying to configure correctly a GRBL module using a Core2 in UiFlow but I'm having problems to get current configuration values using this simple program:
    It seems that there is some limit in the quantity of information (chars) that can be received by Read GRBL return message. ¿Do anyone have a tip or work around to this specific issue?

    David Ochoa

  • Have you looked into the GRBL GitHub's as they are more helpful with dealing with GRBL specific functions

  • I've some experience with GRBL already. The $$ command should return a list of parameters and the corresponding values. The command works in the module and the GRBL returns the values. However, it seems that the message is truncated. I suspect that maybe some buffer limit in the i2c connection or something like that and I wonder if it could be fixed in Core2 side.

    The number of chars received correctly is stable (usually the message is truncated at the same place) and there is some random chars at the end.

  • @ochoadavid
    Hi, David

    maybe you can help me, my problem : how a hell I can send the "Ctrl X" to the GRBL with the "Write G-code" block? I spent 2 hours with different approach without any success. Thanks to any idea.

    Best regards,

  • Hi. You have to send "\x18" unescaped:

    In python: grbl.g_code('\x18')

    Hope it helps.