V-Training Error: Unexpected Error Found During generating Kendryte k210model.

  • I had taken shots with the StickV AI Camera with 4 classes of different objects to be detected, each class having at least 35 pictures as directed on the V-Training webpage. Afterward, I compressed the "Train" and "Valid" folders into a zip file and uploaded the zip file to the V-Training website for training. Soon after, I received an email with the caption "[V-Trainer] 6af2cb06b31f6d32 Online Training Request Failed". The error message of the email says "Unexpected Error Found During generating Kendryte k210model." I have tried solving this problem but all efforts proved abortive. Please, how can this be fixed? If you have a solution to this, you can reach me via email (leonj2014@yahoo.com). I could also send you my data file so you can take a look at it. Thank you.

  • Try checking if the zip file is properly formatted and all the required files are included. Sometimes, a small glitch can cause unexpected errors.