"PA.HUB 2 Unit" can't work right for ENV III and/or Mini BPS Unit by UI Flow with web edition.

  • PA.HUB 2 Unit can't work right for ENV III and/or Mini BPS Unit.
    I can't get the correct value of pressure from the sensors with PA.HUB 2 Unit. I can get the correct value from the sensors directly connecting with the M5 Stack Core 2.
    alt text

    Then, I wonder if "Pa.HUB UNIT" and "Pa.HUB 2 UNIT" are different in IU Flow? However, I can't find "Pa.HUB 2 UNIT" in the UNITS palette.

  • @digiponta Hi, when ENV III and PAHUB are used at the same time, it may not work, because the default I2C address of PAHUB is the same as of QMP6988 barometer inside ENVIII, you can avoid this problem by changing the I2C address of PAHUB or QMP6988

    0_1692602977783_d1354ebd-9a16-4bd3-a26f-c2b5f6655fc7-Screenshot from 2023-08-21 15-26-55.png

    0_1692603004343_b622ec8f-0267-432a-930b-e6a3ce21f337-Screenshot from 2023-08-21 15-27-17.png