Simplest way to connect temperature and flowrate sensors to Core2

  • Hi,

    For my project based on Core2, I need to measure water temperature and flow-rate. Temperature sensors are up to 50m from core2.

    The best solution is the simplest, without creating

    Is there a "ready to use" solution, using I2C for example or wireless? I read that I2C is low distance only.

    Another solution is using a module? Is there a simple module for core2 that expose all GPIO ?

    Last solution, simply made a cable with all my sensors, connected under the code2 by removing the little window. But witch female connector to use with gpio port under the core2 ? do you have a ref?


  • @leo05 yes and I have a video on my YouTube channel where I send the readings from the sensors to a rpi base MQTT server and use node red to send and receive the readings and control devices based on those readings.

  • @ajb2k3 Thanks, the question is about witch hardware is the best solution. Using a an existing module, using grove port, creating a custom module?
    Could you provide the link to this vidéo?

  • That question of which sensors to use is dependent of environmental conditions.
    In My case an RPI acts as an MQTT server (because I have one available), controllers capture the data from the sensors and send them Over WIFI to the MQTT on the RPI using very simple UIFLow code.

    This all depends on wifi range. I do have a sim module to review but I have been struggling to understand and find suitable SIM cards for MQTT/IOT use.