UIFlow 1 cannot download code a second time

  • Hi

    Step 1:
    I have installed the driver.
    I have M5 Burner v3 beta.
    I can find the download for UIFlow_StickC_Plus2 v1.13.2.
    I have configured it as follows:
    Internet mode
    Wifi credentials
    COM.X true

    Step 2:
    I burn the code to the device
    The M5Stack Stick C Plus 2 reboots and shows the splash screen (API key and "cloud").
    The device appears as online in my router connections table.
    On https://flow.m5stack.com/ I press the connect button and it shows as connected.

    Step 3:
    I add some basic blocs - e.g. change the background colour of the screen.
    I run it on the device - success
    I download it to the device - success

    Step 4:
    I make a change to the blocks.
    The device shows as disconnected, and pressing download shows "Upload code failed, maybe your device is offline check it and retry".
    The device also shows as offline on my router portal.

    Step 5
    I return to M5Stack Burn.
    I go back to configuration.
    The config mode is now set to App Mode.
    I change it back to Internet mode.

    Step 6:
    I can now connect and download

    What is App Mode and why does the device keep defaulting back to it?

    I should also let you know that I have the USB C cable attached throughout the above process.
    If I unplug the device after burning, it appears that this issue doesn't happen. The device stays connected and I can download repeatedly.


  • You are using Download mode instead of run.
    Run only downloads to ram so that if you press the reset button the program gets wiped.
    If you click download it will store the code on the device and run it instead of UIFlow after a reboot.

    Also the connection to the server can be difficult at times.

  • you download firmware with wifi details in it so it connects to uiflow cloud,
    then you download your blockly project over cloud connection which overwrites what was in it from burner but possibly no wifi config in it,
    if...if you add wifi config in your blockly project then your unit should be still available via uiflow cloud and be online...
    use RUN for testing projects