Problem with M5.Lcd.readRect

  • Hi,

    I've been implementing a menu system, and to be able to display the menu without destroying whatever was on the screen before, I am using M5.Lcd.readRect() to save parts of the screen in memory, to redraw later with M5.Lcd.pushRect().

    The problem is, it is currently not working. I could (almost) swear it worked a few days ago, but now when I call M5.Lcd.readRect(), all values are 0xFFFF...


    As you can see, there's plenty of blue and yellow (ugly I know, but I need to make sure!) in the top left corner. But the printout of save0 gives me this:


    All pixels are 0xFFFF... What am I missing here?


  • LCD hardware is not connect the miso pin, sorry next version will remove it.

  • So there's no way to make a copy of the screen for now?