M5StickC usb driver and Catalina

  • Hello,
    I worked with a M5Stack, Arduino 1.8.x and MacOS Mojave and every thing with USB was fine.

    I updated to MacOS Catalina and updated Arduino to version 1.8.10. Every with USB for my M5Stack was fine, too. If I check the USB driver I can see:

    $ ls /dev/tty.*

    If I like to flash my M5Stick-C and I connected it, I can see only this:

    $ ls /dev/tty.*

    With the old and the new Arduino-version the "tty.usbserial-9D5AE08545"-driver did not work. Arduino needs a "SLAB_USBtoUART"-driver.

    What can I do?

    Yes, I know today Catalina is a beta-version, but it will released shortly.

  • What do you mean by does not work the newer gen stick versions only have the number string and work ok but then my OS X is about a year old

  • There known bugs in Catalina.
    Try using the Arduino beta. it "should" work, ...... sometimes. :-(

  • M5Stack

    We don't have a Mac with Catalina on in the office to test, so I think it may take a while before our software supports it.

  • @sheepdog

    Catalina unable to drive temporarily. Use VM or BOOTCAMP

  • +1 to this issue. I'm unable to flash to any of my M5StickC's at the moment on Catalina, but can flash to my M5 Camera strangely...

  • Ok, here the fix:

    That did the trick for me

  • Ok sorry I forgot about this until now. If you have an Arduino or an usb to UART adapter you can bypass the inbuilt USB adapter and program M5Stack cores using the UART port