Com port for M5Stick-C on Windows unable to be detected

  • When I plugged in the M5STick-C in USB mode, the PC states that it does not recognise the device and does not configure it as a valid com port.
    I tried installing the windows driver from the website with the same error. Am I missing something here?

  • Try to use other usb cable. In past i have problems with cables with come in the box.

  • @sirfonzie
    1, try turning the USB lead upside down when plugging into the M5StickC
    2, Try a different lead.
    3, try a different computer (just to test)
    4, follow the removal and install procedure that I have posted in the forums exactly as I have written without skipping steps.

    The driver is very fussy and windows is also very fussy when installing and initial configuring the M5StickC and driver.