Error during connecting to WIFI

  • Hello all,

    I have an M5 Stick-C and I want to set up it with UIFlow. As per the guide at I have burned the latest Version of the Firmware on the stick successfully. After that, I was trying to connect the Stick with my local WIFI via my mobile phone. I have connected my mobile phone with the Stick and reached via Browser to the Config-page via IP-address. I am selecting my local WIFI and entering my password and then it fails. "WIFI connection failed - Click here to return to the configure page". I am 100% sure that I am typing my WIFI password correctly. I checked the Router configuration and nothing seems to be strange.
    I tried it via the WIFI of a friend and it connected successfully. So I guess something is blocking the connection to my Router.
    Does anybody have an idea about what is the problem here or maybe someone has the same issue?


  • No spaces in ssid allowed