M5StickC and ATOM on MacOS platform can't upload programs solustion

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    Solution1: When programming, short the G0 to GND using the DuPont line.

    Solution2:Click here to download the serial chip firmware update tool (MacOS version only) , enter

    This is only for update M5StickC or M5Atom Series USB Controller's Firmware , using it for any other purpose may cause damage to your devices.
    When you are using this software, make sure you have a reliable connection to your device. Any disruption during the process will cause the device not functioning.

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    chmod + x ch552Updater_FW20200102_BTV231

    in the terminal in the save directory, and modify the executable permissions. Then connect the M5StickC device to the computer, double-click to open the tool, follow the operation prompts, press the Enter key to run, and wait for the burning to complete.