M5StickC serial port not present?

  • Hi all, just trying to get this Stick C to connect .. no serial ports appear (I'm using Mac). The stick does appear as a "Vendor-Specific device" in the USB Device tree (VID=9x4348, PID=0x55E0). I can't find any drivers anywhere for this device and am a bit stuck.
    thanks for any help!

  • @fastfourier What version of OSX?
    Have you tried any of the answers already posted in the forum?

  • Hi ajb, I am on Mojave (10.14). I did search through the forum, but in the answers I found, the device had already been recognized as a serial port.

    I did unplug and replug the device several times, but no joy. Weirdly the problem has fixed itself though! I just stepped away from the computer for half an hour and when I plugged the stick back in, it now appears as a serial port.

    Thanks for your help!