New to M5Stack... A few questions about UIFlow

  • Hi,

    I am new to this community. I started to develop an UI using UIFlow to show MQTT data from my home automation server.

    However despite all my digging I could not answer the following:

    1. When I add Python code to UIFlow, I get an error message stating that the Blockly tab does not correspond to the Python code. Which is normal since I "hard code" additional stuff. Any fix for that?

    2. MQTT seems to cause some issues: when I use PahoMQTT to publish multiple messages, the M5Stack does not receive them. I have to make an individual connection for each publish that I want to show on the M5Stack. Same issue for retained messages: once a retained message is published, the M5Stack simply won't connect to the broker anymore. May I know what protocol for MQTT is behind UIFlow? This may be the issue.

    3. I do not find a way to turn the screen off and get some power saving mode in UIFlow. Are light sleep and deep sleep available, and if so is there a simple sample code to show how a button press can switch sleep mode until another button press wakes the device up?

    Thanks a lot for your support to all these,


  • @meatpuppet
    A1 you can try using the Execute code block but it only supports one line of code per block.
    A2 Unknown
    A3 Unknown

  • Thanks for this quick first answer.

    Is it necessary to switch to another environment to get all these features? Such as ESP32 library on Arduino...

  • @meatpuppet the problem is that while I am working on documents, I haven’t had time too look into the MQTT issues to see what’s happening (I’m not a coder so I can’t fix things) but when I have time I look into issues and give feedback to support. I see a lot of the same MQTT issues popping up and wish I could help. The 1.4.4 update caused a lot of issues, and so finding time to use and break things is something that needs a lot to f help and support from users. I am wondering if the current issues are due to connections between the device and the server.