M5StickC HAT PIN control in UIFlow

  • M5StickC has these 8 PIN
    GND, 5V OUT, G26, G36, G0, BAT (what is?), 3V3, 5V IN

    I cannot find a match in Uiflow. Uiflow pin block allows me to select pin0, pin1, pin2 ,pin3 , pin4.

    alt text

    Other doubt
    With just Uiflow firmware flashed and no other task running checking the pin with a multimeter. I have noticed that G26, G36, G0 haven't same voltage (G36 seems having a lower voltage). Why?

  • @andreaf individual pin control has not been yet provided for the hat connector

  • @ajb2k3 Bummer. I hope this feature will be introduced soon. What about the different voltage on G26, G36, G0. Is that normal? If yes why one of the pin has much lower voltage?

  • M5Stack

    I would hazard a guess, that one gpio is receiveing comands from the host, while the other is waiting for the user to send a command, therefore one pin will have a higher voltage when sending data, and the other will have a lower voltage or 0 while not receiving any data