ATOM Matrix and UIFLow V1.4.5 extremely unreliable (including behavior with Arduino IDE) / external program needed to get API key

  • a) I did manage to program simple UIFlow / Blockly app into the ATOM Matrix with UIFLow V1.4.5 but i failed to do so consistently and non even one i managed to complete my intended simple application because UIFlow half-froze (both Browswer version and Desktop one) and e.g. in that state i clicked on the Python tab and was not possible anymore to go back to the Blockly tab, nor possible to save the app, so i lost all my work , multiple times!
    b) The internal webserver intended for wifi SSID/password configuration to get the API Key as explained in the documentation NEVER showed up and therefore it was necessary to use a console (PuTTY in my case attached to the virtual COM port) to be able to get to the API Key; such simple product is intended to be used by children but requires software engineering know-how to deal with all that "low level" stuff; not good!
    c) I also tested the ATOM Matrix with Arduino IDE 1.8.10 and tried some of the about 4 examples given and the behavior was also extremely unreliable, more than one time while or after app firmware download the ATOM Matrix was in an undefined state , nothing shown on the LED Matrix and it was necessary to erase and re-flash the firmware with the Burner. It was not possible to run all examples.

  • Hello Juan, I am having the same problem that you experienced it trying to get the API code. How did you do it with Putty? What baud rate? I have connected via Putty on serial coms at both 9600 and 115200 baud and their is no response. My previous M5Stack processors always had the API key printed on the case but not this one - not enough space!

  • M5Stack

    in the wifi setup webpage. you can see the API Key in the page head. (or check the serial print).


    this link is the ATOM quick start tutorial . you can refer it.