sketch to mount M5Stack sd like a card reader do

  • Hi all,
    is it possible to run a sketch on M5Stack to use it like an USB card reader for internal sd card??

    the idea is to connect M5Stack to the pc with the usb c cable and mount the internal sd card like a removable disk ...


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    @cepics It is theoretically feasible, but there is no case procedure for the time being

  • tnks a lot for answering ...

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    You could copy the contents from the sd plugged into the m5stack via various software, but why would you want to do that rather than using a regular card reader?

  • I'm looking for a sketch to use with SD updater so I can run the sketch connect usb cable to pc, mount the sd on pc and add .bin files without taking off and on the sd from/to M5Stack/pc....

  • So basically you are looking for an arduino version of adafruits micropython implementation.
    The problem is that Arduino sketches overwrites the firmware allowing access to all the cores.
    You would need to create a firmware that would stop bin files from overwriting the space used for the firmware.

  • @cepics

    Until now, there is no way to configure the M5Stack (Esp32) as a USB flash drive. It seems that Expressif will enable this feature with their new ESP32-S2.

    Another possibility is to configure your M5Stack as a WiFi Web-Server using HTTP/HTML This gives you the possibility to upload and download files to your M5Stack SD-card using your web-browser on your pc. You see an example doing this watching

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  • Hi, tnks a lot

    right now no joy with:
    this tutorial...

    this is my serial monitor output, but I can't visualize server page...

    Connecting ...
    Connected to myWifi Use IP address:
    Initializing SD card...Card initialised... file access enabled...
    HTTP server started

    but in the browser:

    This site can’t be reached192.168.0.150 took too long to respond.
    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall

    whats wrong?

  • @cepics Check if your computer and your M5Stack are in the same wifi network !

  • yep