Add custom app to firmware APP.LIST

  • Just received the M5stack Fire and flashed the latest v1.0.1 firmware to use with UIFlow. Is there any way to get my custom app added to the firmware APP.LIST that is shown at startup?


  • M5Stack

    Yes, you can add your app.
    You need to rename your add and click "Download" button to burn it.
    If you want to delect the app, just need to long press "Button C"

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    There are a few ways you could do it. The simplest way is by using the flow website and selecting the download code button instead of the play button see image

    whatever you name the program in the project header title it will appear as that in the app list as so

    Alternatively you can connect to your M5Stack over serial communication see these videos pt1 pt2
    And put your apps in the apps folder using the put function of ampy. This way you can put and get your apps and save them on your computer to avoid losing them whenever you upgrade the firmware.

    Hope this answers your question

  • Excellent. Thank you!