@felmue Thank you very much! It´s very frustrating for me at the moment and I´m not confident to come closer to a solution. What I recognized that the compiling error has nothing to do with the Atom Lite because by just testing very simple other platforms the compiling also does not work. So I´m having a huge problem with my ESPHome environment and not able to fix it. So I used another test environment and there it´s possible to compile this code without errors. But I´m not able to flash this .bin file to my Atom Lite. I used the ESPHome flasher and after flashing it running into some kind of boot loop. 1162-mmu-set-00010000-pos-00010000 etc etc. Google searches leads me to an uncorrect flash access setting but the suggestions for the official ESP32 flasher seems not to solve this issue. Tried to flash at a USB2 or USB3 Port but without any success and it´s getting really annoying. Really looking for a very simple step to start with a success and then move forward step by step. I mean I have a ready .bin file in place and it can´t be so complex to bring it succesfull to a EsP32 Pico D4 like the Atom Lite. Have done it before without such huge problems. Really appreciate your hints. Best regards