[NEW] Servo motors non-reproducible instability / position jittering

  • This mornig i received my Servo motor module and i successfully installed and implemented the test application almost identically as in the corresponding tutorial https://m5stack.com/video using two identical (180 degree) servos. Basically it works but sometimes there is a non-reproducible instability i.e. without modifying the servo position nor the PWM On time (HighDuration according tutorial) the servos (both of them) begin to jitter around the given position i.e. it looks to me that there is an EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference ) most probably due to internal cross talk with the inner electronics , e.g. I2C bus or coming from the PC via USB connection (i am testing with UIFlow-Desktop v1.2.3). I have tested with and without external power supply (6 AAA 1.5V batteries in series) for the servos (by the way i was surprised that the servos work also without external power supply). I extremely recommend the R&D team to consider EMI /EMC in their designs as this maybe a "toy" but if the system behaves erratically and unreliably your product line and brand will not take-off! I have worked with the system for about one week and i have encounter dozens of problems, some of them reported separately.

  • @jcabad100 And I thought that was just me.
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