M5StickC example programs will not compile

  • Hi everybody,
    I've just received m5stickc module. After installing all the necessary software for some reason none of the example programs compile. I have an m5stack fire and do not have any problem compiling example codes. Anybody has an answer please let me know. Any help is much appreciated. All software is the latest version.

  • @halojanos None of the examples are compatible with the StickC as they were created for the M5Stack and not the stick.

  • I am now confused. On Github, there is a documentation and video as to how to set up and run M5StickC examples. Furthermore, under file/examples/M5StickC on Arduino, there are many examples written for this board. Looking at any of the source code the first line statement has a #include <M5StickC.h> .That means that the code was written for M5StickC.
    On Github, one can find the M5StickC library.
    So, does anybody know what is going on?
    P.S I tried to compile one of the examples for M5Stack Fire with no success.

  • @halojanos Oh sorry, my misunderstanding,

  • @halojanus Which version of Arduino are you running? try to make sure your running the latest. There are some incompatibilities with the stick c libraries in older versions of arduino