• Do the MQTT blocks in UiFlow support connections over SSL/TLS? I can connect with multiple other things using the same settings, but I can't get the M5Stack to connect no matter what I do. The weird thing to me is that even with the big 30 second delay at the top I instantly get "connect fail" across the screen after I connect to wifi and the app starts. I've tried ssl://,, tcp://, and more. Any ideas?

    The server is using a Let's Encrypt certificate so it doesn't need any other certificates loaded and like it I said, it works in multiple android apps, MQTT.fx, Node-RED, everywhere but here.

    I even have the MQTT subscription deleted right now just to see if I could get things started. I'm currently using v1.3.1 beta only because I couldn't get it to work in the current release version and gave it a shot.


    I have kids that will put the dog out and forget to let her in before they leave. Trying to put an end to that!

  • sorry, uiflow mqtt not support SSL/TLS now..