bmm15 on ENV module for M5StickC not working

  • I got my recent order today and instantly tested all components.

    Unfortunately there is one issue in the ENV hat for the M5StickC.

    The DHT12 sensor is working as well as the BMP280 but the bmm15 is not showing up.

    A scan of the i2c bus shows that the device is not present at all.

    I2C device found at address 0x5C ! (this is the dht12)
    I2C device found at address 0x76 ! (this is the bmp280)
    Found total 2 devices

    Does anyone else have this issue and probably a solution before I contact the store for an itemreplace?


  • What software are you using?
    OK, just check the latest UIFlow and it's not enabled in the code yet.

  • Try arduino hat env example, if it also not work, please contact the store

  • Thanks for your replies, i tried the proposed arduino example and unfortunately got the same results - no response from the bmm.

    I will contact the shop

    have a nice day