Read from SD card

  • Hello,

    Is it posible to read pictures from the sd card and display them?
    If posible is there an example?



  • Yes it is possible but it’s slower then reading from memory. I haven’t had the time yet to look into it as I have only just scratched the surface of image work.

  • Hi @Powersoft this is as simple as loading images from the flash. Only you just have to mount the sd and then point the directory towards the location of your file.

    import uos
    uos.sdconfig(uos.SDMODE_SPI,clk=18,mosi=23,miso=19,cs =4)
    image0 = M5Img(0, 0, "/sd/face.jpg", True)

    Keep in mind these requirement:

    • Image must be of jpg file type
    • must not exceed 25kb in file size
    • image name including extension must not exceed 10 letters