What grove modules are compatible with the m5stickc?

  • Hi, I'm new to the microcontrollers and boards. I would like to buy the m5stickc and some sensors but I don't know what grove modules are compatible with the m5stickc. If I understand correctly, the grove connector in the m5stick is only compatible with the i2c modules but I was wondering if would be possible to connect also the GPIO modules using the 8 pins extension connector and a breadboard. Is that possible?.

  • The Stick C has its own range of H.A.Ts containing sensors and these should work as they are i2c.
    Colour Sensor
    EXT I/O,
    I2C Expander,
    Makey Makey,
    Trace *(1)

  • Hello,

    with the PbHub the PortB Units should also be able to be connected to the StickC. But I didn't try that.
    PbHub: https://docs.m5stack.com/#/en/unit/pbhub


  • Thank you both for the help!. I bought the stickc yesterday and a few gpio grove modules. I was looking how the gpio ports work and the 8 pines port should be enough to connect a gpio module.

  • I have posted my notes on using the stick with some Grove modules (over the grove connector) here: http://tinkerfarm.net/projects/the-m5stickc/m5stickc-hardware-accessories/

  • I've used the seeedstudio sevseg display with the M5Stack but not the stick but I shouldn't see an issue there. I'm currently writing a guide on hackster.io for it and experimenting with creating custom blocks in Uiflow for it also

  • Just for future references. The dual button module works fine using the 8 pines connector with a breadboard or directly with the grove connector. You just need to use the correct numbers in Arduino (I didn't test micropython).

    You only can use G36 as input, everything else can work as input/output.