Visual Studio Code (VS Code) reboots my M5Stack with any action

  • Hello, sorry for spamming forums but I couldnt find anything in google about my issue.
    I've installed VS Code and M5Stack extension (as shown on video)
    I connect M5Stack, trying to navigate inside it and every time I click anything M5Stack restarts. I cant upload code because whenever I press upload button it restarts. Im on Win10 x64. Got second laptop (macbook pro 2013) - and it works just fine on it.
    I've tried so far different cable, different modules (I have 2 m5stacks), restarting PC, another UIFlow version and such. If I connect them to Macbook everything works great
    I've found similar problem in github but no one replied there yet
    I hope its a common bug and there's an easy solution I simply dont know, if so - please tell me
    Thanks in advance!

  • To whoever faces same problem - I found solution for win10.
    Problem is, UIFlow offline installs wrong/incorrect drivers, but as they are signed by Microsoft, Windows treats them as correct ones. UIFlow works fine, but VS won't connect to M5Stack properly.
    Boot into safe mode, plug in M5Stack and find COM (Silicon labs) device. Right click and remove it, what is important, press checkbox with "Remove associated with device drivers" which appears only in safe mode for me.
    Now disconnect USB, download latest drivers from and install them normally. This solved issue for me