M5Stack Fire MPU6050 & MAG3110

  • Hi,

    i got my Fire direct from the M5Store via Ali. I got it some days ago. So it should be the actual Modell.
    The Case is labeld with MPU6050 and MAG3110.
    My tiny test routine ask for all values from the MPU and the MAG. But i only got data from the MPU. I use the MPU6050_tockn and the SparkFun_MAG3110 Libraries.
    So i put a smal I2C scanner in. He shows me 3 devices.
    0x10 (16), 0x68 (104) and 0x75 (117)
    So what is 0x10 and where is 0x0E (This shoul be the MAG3110)?

    Pls help