M5StickC does not scan I2C sensor at (0,26) pins (Hat pins)

  • There is limited workable G0 pin at M5StickC in the current version of the hardware!
    It's could not possible to scan I2C sensor at (0,26) pins
    At the same time, there is no problem for (32,33) or (32,26) pins
    There was not such a problem in the older version of hardware M2StickC
    This problem take place just for some kinds of I2C sensors, f.e. SGP30

  • Is there any new knowledge about this issue. My SGP30 Sensor holds up the M5StickC from even starting up when used via the HAT-Connector on G0, G26 ... Is there a workaround, like using the Grove Port?

  • Same problem here.