IOS safari and chrome

  • I am trying uiflow on an ipad in either chrome or safari. When using chrome the file name portion is missing from the UI along with the file save button. When using safari you can name and save the file as usual but it is impossible to edit the name of a new function. It appears as though the keyboard visibility is off screen and this prevents one from typing in a function name. Even with the apple magic keyboard attached to the ipad I am unable to enter or edit a function name while using safari on ios.

  • @jpilarski UIFlow has been acting strange all day.

  • It looks to be back up and I am able to connect again. I still have issues when trying to name a function block in ios safari. Also, when using uiflow, do you know when we might be able to modify the code in the python tab and see those changes reflected when we go back into blockly tab. In microbit you can toggle back and forth between javascript and block editing and it really is a great feature. Can you explain how to use the codelock toggle on the python tab.

  • @jpilarski I think the server suffered an overload due to the makers festival yesterday. No I don’t know if that kind of change will ever be possible and code lock, not come across it yet.