M5StickC-BeetleC Observations

  • Just received M5StickC Beetle C. I was able to run the Arduino example and use the wifi page to control it. Here are few observations: 1) Wheels are attached very loosely and easily fall off. Are they supposed to be glued on? 2) Seems like there should be a guide or some feature to keep the M5StickC on the Beetle C better. Seems to be able to wiggle loose, especially if you are pressing buttons. 3) Having to slide the switch to the left to turn on the BeetleC seems non-standard. Maybe it would be nice if a small LED was lit when the unit it turned on. 4) There are no instructions on how to charge the battery. I have to assume that if I have the M5StickC plugged into it and the USB cable plugged in, the Beetle's battery is charging as well as the M5StickC battery. When the M5StickC battery charge is full does the battery charge on the Beetle stop? Do I have to have the Beetle turned on? 3) Documentation for how to use the device is missing, outside of running the Arduino example. One can glean a lot of control syntax from the Arduino example but are there any other features to make use of? One nice one would be to be able to see what the Beetle's battery voltage is. At any rate, it'd be nice if there was good documentation. That issue is common to alot of the M5Stack products. 5) The control app is nice but having to control both wheels separately seems awkward. Probably be better if there was just a simple speed, straight,backward,left,right,spin left, spin right interface. None of these issues are enough to say the product is no good but they detract from how good the product could be. Probably the most irritating issue is that two of the wheels fall off very easily. I think I need to get the super glue out. The second most irritating issue to me is in regard to the unknown care and feeding of the Beetle's battery.

  • @happy-hippo I have also noticed how delicate the beetle is.
    I am working on English documentation for UIFlow but have quite a backlog of documentation to sort through before I can get to the Beetle documentation.

  • Please don't take my issue #4 as a criticism of your efforts. You are quite active in your participation in this community and your help is greatly appreciated. Are you a M5Stack employee or are you taking on the documentation independently? It seems like the company should have more personnel assigned to the documentation. The products are not as fun to use if you don't know how to use them.

  • @happy-hippo No issues taken mate.
    No Independent writer.
    I started writing my own documentation as a way to understand the products but its grown quite big now (209 pages just for UIFlow!) so I know the frustration.