catch network problem

  • urequest hangs frequently, seems to be an unstable WLAN stack.
    Is it possible having a longer timeout using urequest, or is there some asynchronous version?
    If the connection fails. is there some return of the http status , does response.status_code work?
    How to display exceptions, only via print(e)?
    The program seems to work better when not uploaded but started via RUN, however connection to the M5 Stack is only established via uploading the code to the device.

  • Have you tried saving your program as in the root of the device? or do you get the same issues if you download it and run it from the app menu?

  • @lukasmaximus sometimes the program does not start when uploading into the m5stack as

  • I think that I'm running into something similar: When RUN from visual studio, it works great, but when I disconnect it and start standalone, it hangs shortly after connecting to WiFi. It seems that I can do one more print, and that's it.