M5StickC/ATOM on MacOS Catalina can't upload/ ESP32: Timed out waiting for packet header solution (Solved)

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    @tokuhira when you received the product can't upload programs? the machine that failed to update, can the program be burned normally now?

  • I've got similar problems: Not being able to burn anything from VSCode/PlatformIO with the same error message.
    Running under macOS Big Sur. Trying to use the M5AtomLite

    I finally got it working under Arduino IDE, being able to burn code.
    The UIFlo software also works, partially. With the M5Burner I can erase and burn the UIFlow software, setting it to USB mode, and after that, it is able to burn a new program with UIFlow (using 1.7.2 beta). But after each burn, the connection gets lost and I need to go to M5Burner separately, erase the Atom and burn UIFlow again, and setting it to USB-mode.

    But my prime concern is using VSCode, which doesn't work
    Using Board definition pico32.

  • @DannyG86 can you please post your "platformio.ini" file? And also your #include and setup() code. I am on mac Big Sur v11.3 and can reliably program M5StickC, StickC Plus, Atom and Fire using PlatformIO.