Factory Demo

  • Hi, I was wondering if you could share the newest factory demo that came with my new M5Stack-Fire. It doesn't seem like any of the examples in GitHub or Arduino include it. The heart rate unit does not seem to work from the arduino example but it worked in the out of the box demo.

  • actually. the out of the box demo. don't has heart Unit test program. in the app list the "heart beat" program just a animation. and if you want get Fire Factory firmware (UIFlow) , you could go to our official website download page to download the M5Burner Tool , then use it to upload UIFlow firmware.:

    the heart Unit we only provided Arduino test program now. we already have test it, totally work normal. could tell us more deail maybe we can help you.

  • I tried the Arduino example and it does not work as-is. I have to remove Serial.begin(115200); in order for the application to not freeze. Seems like it's stuck in lock.

  • @rashedtalukder make sure the Sensor conected the PortA. if after upload the Arduino example code. it still not working. you could contact the store. and provide video or picture. then they will help you.