Was excited about this until trying it.

  • I was really excited about M5ez until I started trying do something with it.

    My first problem is how I'm unable to integrate the Faces calculator keyboard in with the buttons. It seems I cannot read the calc buttons asynchronously while the three buttons are still "active". ??

    My second problem is that any time I try to run a function off of the main menu (trying to do similar actions as your examples), I'm never able to continue the header and UI in the way you are able to... even when it seems I copied the code well enough.

    It is so difficult to integrate in with the UI, I'm choosing to just start from scratch. :(

  • I have just started using it a few weeks ago, so it takes a little getting used to. And it does has it flaws, but Ron is quite helpful. If you have got things that need to be checked periodically and buttons are shown then it is better to add events. I also do that for my mqtt code for example. You can add events by using :

    void ez.addEvent(uint16_t (*function)(), uint32_t when = 1)

    I don't know if this is needed for the faces keyboards also though... I am still looking for a good way to handle user input (if longer input is needed and the keys are a bit to hard to do that).

  • @percramer Who's Ron, and how can I get his help?

  • Ron is de creator of M5ez :-) Did you go to the GitHub page of M5ez already? Maybe I can help, could you post some of your code?

  • I'm still at a loss with m5ez. It is very frustrating to "have" such a great framework that I'm unable to leverage. Are there any examples of someone using m5ez in a project that "does something"?

    An example of "does something" I mean like this ESP32 project I completed recently: https://www.facebook.com/144922416365/videos/743331992745660 it is a test bench I developed for ignition coils. The UI are the three buttons on the right and the display is simply a right side for status and left side for control.

    This kind of UI is how most of my programs work... a continuous presentation of status or information and some instruction about control. As I rework a prior test bench into a new version controlled by ESP32, I'm driven to inaction because of how unfriendly m5ez is to utilize.