• Hello,
    How can I control the IR LED from UI Flow?

  • By default, there are no blocks that support sending remote control codes if that's what you mean. You can only turn on or off the builtin IR LED using the blocks from the section:

    Advanced -> Easy I/O -> digital write / digital toogle

    If you would like to send remote control codes, you would have to manually turn the diode on and off with a given switching on time and a given sequence of switching on and off manually. In mstickC there is only an IR sending diode, if you want to receive an IR signal you must attach external elements of type TSOP1738 or Infrared receiver LED

  • Thank you very much.

  • You can also consider the RMT module in micropython modules of the latest firmware 1.5.0

  • Hello. I updated the firmware to 1.5.0 but i cant find any source or any kind regarding the RMT module on uiflow and the codes i find on the internet are not working. i cant understand why you sell a unit when you dont fully support it on your software.

  • It is quite well documented for esp32 devices using arduino, see this video I made You can find the RMT module within the machine module. Since IR requires accurate pulse control and the RMT module which does this was only just released in the latest version of micropython you'll have to be patient as uiflow is based on micropython we can only go as fast as the developers of micropython. I agree on your point for some of M5Stack devices, but with a hobbyist product generally a little user ingenuity is required. I have been researching the RMT module and will be sure to make a video on it once I'm succesfully able to use it

  • I understand and thanks for your time, i used to program in arduino and i liked how ui flow is and was wondering why there is no code for it.