M5 Stack CGM Monitoring for Nightscout data from Dexcom

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    Hi I'm Chris, I'm not a programmer but I work in Tech. I'm the father of a 16 year old Type 1 Diabetic. So I wanted a simple way to display his Blood Sugar with a dedicated device. The M5Stack fit this purpose perfectly.

    So thanks to the help from my friends in a bunch of different tech companies, VMWare, Google, Microsoft, Oracle to name a few…

    I created the M5 Scout. Here are my design goals:

    1. Reuse as much of someone else's good tech so that I don’t have to rebuild it, https://github.com/nightscout/cgm-remote-monitor
    2. Leverage the most basic programing so I don’t have to learn to code https://flow.m5stack.com/
    3. Have the ability to user a cheap product that can display Blood Glucose data all the time (M5Stack)

    PS. Also I might build a version 2.0 with blinking Lights, alarms, different Wifis, electric shocks for when his numbers are out of whack… (I just got my M5fire kit this morning)

    For now, the buttons beep and you can make the screen brighter or dimmer (for nighttime use)
    On screen you can continuously see:

    • BG level (Green when in range red when out of range)

    • Difference with the last BG level

    • Time since last update was received (for example if the Dexcom CGM is far from Phone)

    • The Trend Arrow

    • Screen brightness (but we could remove that…)

    All you need is an M5 Stack device

    So here is the link to the code on Git Hub:

    Here is the link to the Youtube video I made to explain the process:

  • I just came across your post as I was trying to learn more about the M5Stack platform for my own diabetes-related project.

    The radio used in LoRa module can be used to communicate directly with Medtronic pumps, so I'm working on using it for a full rig (closed-loop artificial pancreas), as well as a RileyLink alternative. It depends on exactly which radio pins are connected, so I don't know whether the M5Stack will work yet, but I'm hopeful.

  • M5Stack

    Awesome and very practical project, look forward to hearing more about this

  • You may want to check out this project already doing this, its great and I use it.


  • Hi ,

    I used your application before I discovered the M5stack. It was on a fb page for diabetes and nightscout and a fb member was so kind to burn It and adjust the parameters for me.

    It is an excellent application, thank you !

    And now I am discovering myself the m5stack...what an incredible device and There are realy endless possibilities...

    Maybe Considering things or features to add In future :

    • dark screen and not displaying the value until a button is pressed... need full darkness to sleep
    • a feed with mqtt to connect to alexa and be able to ask the bg level to alexa When m5stack is on (i used it with Smartnest.cz to connect my ENV hat and am able to ask alexa the temperature of poolwater )

    Good work anyway and thank you a lot !!!