The dreaded "T" of death...

  • I'm working on a Micropython program to log MQTT results, and it needs the current time to do so.

    I'm working in uPyCraft, with the typical write-download-run cycle, and eventually I get to the point where all my program appears to do is print a 'T', and then hang. I can ^C out of the program, and get back to the >>> prompt, and try running the program again, but the only thing that seems to clear the problem is to power-cycle the M5Stack Fire.

    Any idea what's happening?

  • It's probably part of the word "Traceback." From what I noticed, the builtin terminal from uPyCraft does not cope with the connection during the hangs or interruption of the program and does not display / receive any data from esp. Using another terminal like linux screen or windows term this information is displayed without a problem.

  • @robalstona Thanks, I'll give that a try.