"Smart" network configuration from UIFlow?

  • Is it possible to use UI Flow to set up the kind of "smart configuration" that's standard in most ESP32 IoT applications? That is:

    1. Initiate a network and server on device.
    2. Scan for local WiFi.
    3. Present information on device screen informing users the name of the network and web page for configuration.
    4. Allow users to join the device network, navigate to page, select desired network, and enter password.
    5. Save the network and password for later use.
    6. Close the server and connect to the user specified network.
    7. On failure to connect, go back to 1.

    This is the primary issue standing between my using UI flow to knock out a few prototype screens, and actually being able to develop with UI Flow. I'm hoping that it's already in there and I just don't understand the terminology of the blocks involved.


  • if you know the network params in advance maybe you can consider uploading a lookup table to switch networks?

  • I want to be able to take it anywhere and detect the local networks. The initial setup of the StickC allows this, and I've set up a similar process on an ESP8266, but but I don't see any way to trigger that kind of sequence in UIFlow.

  • @devilstower have you tried using the scan method described here?