Changing Networks in UIFlow?

  • I've built a little device that I want to be able to take from site to site.

    At my home, it correctly picks up the local network, connects, and begins saving data to my website. The MSStickC is connected to a solar panel, and I'm delighted to see that in the morning, as soon as the sun hits the panel, it boots up, reconnects, and begins doing its job.

    However, I'd like to be able to take it to other locations, and have the option to log into the networks there. Is there a good example of how this might be done? I'm not asking for how to hardcode a network into the device -- I know how to do that -- I need to be able to flexibly attach to a network that I didn't know about when writing the code. Thanks.

  • @devilstower you can write a custom app and switch to that in a new network. the custom app will switch to AP mode with a web page you can use to set the local network params.

  • Yes, it sounds like this is what will be needed.

    It would be great if UIFlow would just roll up the whole sequence of switching to AP mode, collecting the info, and reconnecting. It's such a standard behavior for ESP-based devices, that it seems like it should be baked-in.