Lan Module - UIFlow Integration

  • Hey everbody,

    i've just started to work with the M5Stack. It's realy impressive and a great Device.

    I've just wondered - when using the UiFlow v.1.5.4 - i can't find the LAN-Module.

    Okay, it seams like there is an possibility, to get the LAN-Module get working in micropython, but it would be quite nice to do all the things with blockly.

    Did you plan to integrate the LAN-Module into UIFlow? It's an offical Module and i would really apreciate that.

    At last, be aware of my bad English. ;)

  • Also wondering the same. Did you ever find the UiFlow for LAN module?

  • I am also looking for this answer.

  • Hello @microdynasty

    I wouldn't count on it to be added anytime soon (if at all) to UIFlow. If you'd like to use your LAN module I suggest you look into Arduino programming. Why do I think that, well...

    a) The official documentation for the LAN module doesn't mention UIFlow.

    b) Lately M5Stack has not proven themselves as being very keen or quick to fix reported issues of functionality which worked in the past but got broken in recent versions of UIFlow. So I would be very surprised if they find the time to add (old) stuff.


  • Felix,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am trying to use the LAN (W5500) in MicroPython.

    I am using the M5Stack grey.

    I found the following in the MicroPython language reference, but how to use it in MicroPython for M5, this seems specific to Pyboard?

    import network
    nic = network.WIZNET5K(pyb.SPI(1), pyb.Pin.board.X5, pyb.Pin.board.X4)

    Thank you.

  • Hello @microdynasty

    sorry, I have no idea about how to use the LAN module with MicroPython.


  • Just for FYI, as of this date, the W5500 hardwire ethernet port is not well implemented in MicroPython (use wireless instead). The POE function works fine so you can use it to power your module, but communication is not working on the wired LAN.

    It works fine in Arduino IDE.