new to m5stack; components advice

  • Hello all;

    I am planning a device that combines: BLE, ethernet POE and some form of screen. I'm curious about the M5Stack form factor and ecosystem. I've read through some docs, but it's not totally clear how the different components can interact — is it just a matter of getting a Basic ESP32 Kit and combine it with the W5500 POE LAN Module (mostly like a shield)?

    I am at ease with Arduino and Teensy as well as some other non-arduino controllers; the question here is really about how the M5Stack system works. Any pointers to (non-video) guides that clarify compatibility between components (and their nomenclature) will be appreciated!


  • Normally it should be just a case of plugging the M5Stack core (black) with the W5500 POE lan module.

    You can program in arduino using the espressiv librarys.

  • OK thanks; it's ordered!