Connecting sensors to M5Stack and CAN Bus

  • Hello!
    Im new into this forum and microcontrollers / IoT world, but somehow I decided to focus my university thesis in that. For backgrund purposes, its a smart rollator that measures some data from patients in a rehab center that use it to measure their rehab progress and other parameters....I decided to use a M5Stack to capture data from:

    2 Weight amplifiers HX711 to measure force in the handlers.
    Encoder as5600 1828raf c, one in each wheel.
    2 standar servos, one in each brake, so the rollator can stop automatically in case of an user fall or potential danger.

    But as I have never worked with electronics, I dont know how to conect them to M5 Stack correctly. The connection can be done straight away or do I need some other elements in between? Theres is around 50cm-1m of distance between the position of the M5Stack and the other sensors/actuators. The original rollator (it doesn´t have a IoT app on it, just captures data) uses and arduino nano for each sensor so the data can be transmitted via CAN BUS to a raspberry Pi. Is this neccesary for M5Stack?

    Any kind of insight would be really helpful!
    Thank you!