Proper way to clear LCD screen on M5StickC?

  • Hi everyone, this feels very simple but I can't find a way in Arduino to clear or reset the LCD screen on the M5StickC. For the stack, I see there is a method: M5.Lcd.clear(BLACK); for example, but it doesn't work on the stick for me.

    Any ideas? A makeshift solution is to turn screen black and reset cursor to top, but that feels inefficient. Thanks!

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  • Thanks! I found that when I do this, the text does not clear. So, when I add more text, instead of it starting at the top corner again (for example), it adds to it as if the other text were still there but not visible. And if you keep adding text, say in a loop, then eventually it runs of the page and you can't see anything. So, is there no way to totally clear other than manually both moving the cursor and changing the color?

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    The cursor position will follow the printing of the screen content, so you have to operate the cursor.

    more API information you could refer this page.