M5Stack Gray Development Kit: IMU - SD Card

  • Hello!
    Does anyone have any experience with the built-in IMU of the M5Stack? I would like to record the data from the IMU and then store it on an SD card to be able to call it up again later (on the M5Stack) for further processing (integration to get speed and distance).
    I tried the examples, "IMU" and "SD(esp32)". The IMU example works. The SD example does not work.
    So far I haven't found a way to save the data (using the command M5.IMU.getAccelData(&accX,&accY,&accZ);) to an SD card. Do I have to convert my data into a string to save it in a txt file or can I save the data directly as float variables?
    I also wanted to know if there is a command to display the acceleration data directly as a graph on the M5Stack display (and not just the value)?