UIFlox desktop on windows 7

  • Hi everybody
    I would like to use M5Fire and UIFlow in a workshop. I am not sure if I'll have an internet connexion, so I would like to install UIFlow desktop and use USB instead of wifi.
    The download is for windows 10...is there an previous version for windows 7?

  • @f3l1x I’m not sure but it should be compatible with 7 however the current version is being updated. Please bare with M5Stack until this is complete

  • Ok, it seems to be compatible, thanks

  • @f3l1x usually it could be compatible with win7.

  • Hey there! I'm glad you're interested in using M5Fire and UIFlow in your workshop. It's always best to be prepared for any situation, and having a backup plan in case of no internet connection is smart. I'm sorry to hear that the UIFlow desktop download is only for Windows 10, but I might have a solution for you. Have you tried checking out websites that offer Windows 7 product key options for older computers? I found one website that has a variety of Windows 10 product key options for different devices, and it worked great for me when I upgraded my own computer.